Vega Protein & Greens


The product helps build and repair your body muscles. It also contains cleanest proteins, organic peas, organic sprouted grains, seeds, and legumes. It is formulated with probiotic properties and digestive enzymes in order to promote comfortable and easy digestion. You will see the effective results from day 1 and the product will likely be in stock in your pantry for the rest of your life!



While trying to find new protein products to add more plant-based nutrition to your diet, it is also important that you find the perfect product suitable for your body because everybody is unique. Vega Protein & Greens is a product that is made with real plant-based food ingredients.

The product is more than just a typical protein shake. It is an effective supplement that thrives to provide you the results that you have been looking for. It contains 20 grams plant-based protein, vegetables, greens, low quantity of sugar, and calories. It adds to an effortless nutrition to your body health.

What are the Benefits?

The product is designed from a multisource plant-based protein blend. This blend is a combination of pea protein, brown rice protein, sacha inchi protein, and hemp protein. It is formulated with vegetable extract and greens like organic alfalfa powder, broccoli powder, spinach powder, and organic kale powder. The product does not just promote your overall body health but also promotes a healthy mental balance and hormonal balance.

Components of Vega Protein & Greens

The product contains pea protein, organic alfalfa grass powder, natural flavors, brown rice protein, pea starch, sacha inchi protein, hemp protein, broccoli powder, stevia leaf powder, xanthan gum, spinach powder, papain powder, and organic kale powder. Other ingredients include Calories from fat, Sodium, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Protein, Vitamin A, C, Calcium, and Iron.

These ingredients promote your health while fitting in your budget. They give a delicious taste and blend beautifully almond milk, fruits, veggies etc. They promote bone density and help in easy digestion. The ingredients also help in boosting your energy before you head to the gym for an intense workout session. They also help in providing the right blend of nutrients, minerals, and proteins your body requires for muscle strength.

Overview of Using Vega Protein & Greens
The Pros:
  • The product has been tested and trusted for performing athletes.
  • This Non-GMO Product is verified and certified.
The Cons:
  • May cause minor allergies if you are intolerant to any of the ingredients used in the product.

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