Neutrogena - Hyrdoboost Body Gel


We always tend to neglect our body and only take care of the face. That is the biggest skincare mistake one can possibly make. Just like your face, the skin on your body needs to be taken care of too.



It needs hydration and elasticity to bring out the youthfulness and natural radiance of the skin. Neutrogena understands that and has created the Hydroboost Body Gel Cream so that the body does not remain neglected and is as pampered as your face is.

The Hydroboost Body Gel Cream is ideal for all skin types, but especially for people with sensitive skin who have so much trouble in picking up the right product for themselves. Neutrogena kept their woes in mind and designed this cream, so that even sensitive skin can now find a BFF! Your skin is always thirsty for hydration and moisture and this Hydroboost Body Gel Cream takes care of it. This cream is fragrance free, so you know there are no artificially added elements. That is what makes this cream such a hit among people with sensitive skin. This cream, enriched with hyaluronic acid gives your skin the necessary amount of moisture that it needs. But it doesn’t end there. This cream also locks in the moisture and prevents it from evaporating, this meeting the hydration needs of your skin and keeping it soft and supple. Neutrogena believes that your skin is at its best when it is the happiest.

What are the Benefits?

The Neutrogena Hydroboost Body Gel Cream penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and reaches the skin cells to hydrate them all, so that your skin glows from within. This cream is non sticky and non greasy. So, you can use it even in the scorching summers and in the cold winters. This body cream is non oily and free from alcohol, paraben and any artificial fragrance. All these make the cream the most natural food for your skin cells. It is also hypoallergenic, so you can use the cream without having to worry about any breakouts. Use the cream daily to keep your skin looking the best it can. Take a small amount on your palms and apply it all over your body everyday. The cream gets instantly absorbed in your skin, leaving it non greasy. You will never feel uncomfortable with this cream on.

Components of Neutrogena - Hyrdoboost Body Gel

The Neutrogena Hydroboost Body Gel Cream contains a water base, glycerin, dimethicone, isopropyl palmitate, petrolatum, cetyl alcohol, sodium polyacrylate, phenoxyethanol, sorbitan olivate, cetearyl olivate, caprylyl glycol, carbomer, sodium hydroxide, sodium hyaluronate and ethylhexylglycerin. These are proven to suit sensitive skin without causing any harm to it. So, you can put an end to all your skin woes and be prepared to look your utmost best.

Overview of Using Neutrogena - Hyrdoboost Body Gel

User reviews have always been positive about the Neutrogena Hydroboost Body Gel Cream and why wouldn’t they be? One user wrote that she is eagerly waiting for winter to let the cream work wonders on her skin. Another user wrote that her husband is so happy with the cream that he is never going to use any other brand ever. She mentioned that the effect of the cream lasts really long, so you don’t have to keep applying it all the time. Another user added that she has been using the cream only for 7 days and has already noticed that her otherwise rough skin is now softer to touch.

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