Honey Girl Organics - Face & Eye Creme


The product also stimulates collagen while regenerating the cells and reducing the fine lines and wrinkles. The product provides moisture with nutrition to the skin and brings out the natural radiant glow from within!



Taking care of your skin every day could be quite a bit of a task. But you can do it effortlessly with Honey Girl Organics - Face & Eye Creme. This ultra-rich nutritious cream will serve anyone who is in need of a true transformation of the skin. This face and eye treatment can be applied every day and it will leave your skin glowing and replenished. The product is extremely powerful in balancing the skin texture that will leave astonished with the totally new glowing skin.

Honey Girl Organics Face & Eye Creme can be considered as the best luxurious organic skin care treatment in the market today! This amazing face moisturizer also works as an anti-aging cream. The product contains organic all natural ingredients that actively benefit your skin. Honey is a key ingredient that works as an antibiotic, antiviral, antioxidant, and humectant.

What are the Benefits?

This all natural skin care product is designed with organic extracts and formulated with skin-friendly certified ingredients. In order to support the collagen production, the product is formulated with ingredients that have antioxidant properties.

Components of Honey Girl Organics - Face & Eye Creme

The product contains Honey which is the highest quality source of nutrition. It is also known for centuries to heal wounds. Beeswax is another nutrient-rich ingredient that softens your skin with its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiallergenic, antiseptic, and germicidal properties. Propolis and Bee Pollen are known for incredible health benefits. Royal Jelly is a thick ingredient that has a milky texture with enzymes to be a useful supplement that possesses a blend of proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is another key ingredient that gets absorbed deeply into your skin and provides long-lasting moisture. Other ingredients include Purified Water Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Rose Fragrance Organic Beeswax Organic Wilelaiki (Christmas Berry) Honey Vitamin E Oil (Tocobiol liquid) Organic Patchouli Essential Oil Organic Lime Oil (Citrus aurantifolia) Organic Cinnamon Essential Oil Leaf.

Overview of Using Honey Girl Organics - Face & Eye Creme
The Pros:
  • The product is a non-GMO, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free & BEE-Friendly lotion.
  • It contains no artificial preservatives, no additives or fillers, no parabens, no petroleum products, no hormones, no silicones.
The Cons:
  • The product is designed for external use only.

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