BSN Ripped Edge


The product seems to work well for the most part and has all the quality to be a good fat burner. Some side effects and user feedback is a matter of concern but not that serious, to be honest. Overall the product seems to work fine and in accordance with what can be called as a good supplement if not great.



Losing fat can be a tough ask in your day to day busy schedule. So how does one burn fat without the adverse effect on the health of the person? The answer is a good diet supplement or fat burner. Now there are thousands of products in the market which claim to work magic on your body and make you slim and trim within a week or so. This kind of products does not have much credibility and only sells due to a good PR campaign. A good fat burner should have clinically proven ingredients which are natural and help you burn the extra fat using science. Today the product we are going to talk about is called BSN Hyper Shred. A product which says to work on the principle of Thermodynamic, let's find out more about it.

What are the Benefits?

Any supplement is only good and credible if the ingredients used to make it are free from side effects and clinically proven. BSN Hyper shred contains many such ingredients which makes it one of the better supplements product. It has banana leaf which has been proven to aid fat loss, then there is chromium, B-vitamins, bacopa extract, toothed clubmoss, dl-phenylalanine, red pepper which aids the endothermic process required to heat up the body and it also helps in suppressing hunger, caffeine anhydrous is needed to keep you motivated and energetic all day long, and bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) which helps in shredding fat. A serving is one capsule, and you can take up to two per day (with a meal or protein shake). The results are supposed to be immediate. Most of these ingredients are clinically proven and have been proven to aid the process of burning fat.

Components of BSN Ripped Edge

The product BSN Hyper Shred works on the formula of thermodynamic metabolic activator i.e the ingredients present in the product increases the internal body heat, this sudden change in temperature makes your body to act against and neutralize the drastic change. In order to cool down your body, it requires energy and where does your body get this energy from? Yes! You guessed it right, from the fat stores present in your stomach. The body uses this fat in the form of energy to cool your body down, thus burning fat naturally without any magic or magical potion. A good supplement is said to be only as good as its ingredient and these ingredients play a very important role, let us find out more about it in our ingredient section.

Overview of Using BSN Ripped Edge
The Pros:
  • It has a good combination of natural and clinically proven extract.
  • The product seems to work as advertised.
  • Keeps you energetic.
The Cons:
  • Some users have complained about headaches and nausea.
  • The blend used in the ingredient is not all natural.
  • It has caffeine so people with allergies should be careful.

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