BPI Sports RoxyLean


The product’s overall feel is good and seems to work as advertised. Although the property blend could be a cause of concern and high caffeine dosage should be avoided by the allergics. Apart from these, the product seems a great value for money and reviews suggest that results are quicker than expected.



A good fat burner substitute is as hard to find as losing the actual fat. With tons of fat burner flooding the market with aggressive marketing strategies loose the actual moto. So what can be considered as good and effective fat burner? A product which is clinically proven to be safe and shows the actual result as advertised. The product I am going to talk about is BPI Roxylean. This is considered to be one of the best fat burners out there in the market. It works on the principle of Thermogenic formula which starts to show the results almost immediately. A good fat burner should help you lose belly fat naturally and give you lean muscles. It should not have side effects and the ingredients should be clinically proven to be free from any side effects.

What are the Benefits?

The product has a well-combined formula and uses a proprietary blend of 510 mg per serving. Although the exact amount of each ingredient in the blend is not defined but the company claims it to be free from any kind of side effects. The contents of the blend are as listed: Caffeine Anhydrous, Leon, Adhatoda (leaf),Yohimbe, Goldenseal(root), Salicin (root), Scutellaria baicalensis (root) and Rauwolfia (root). The company has claimed though that each pill contains as much caffeine as 3 full cups of coffee will provide. Other ingredients include Thiamin which is basically vitamin B1 and then there is Niacin or vitamin B3 and helps your body to convert food into fuel.

Components of BPI Sports RoxyLean

The product is advertised as fat burning pill which works on the natural formula of thermogenesis. Thermogenesis basically increase the internal body heat and the body uses the fat stores in the form of energy to cool it down, thus burning a lot of calories. The product claims to be effective and quick even without the aid of daily exercise. Obviously daily cardio and muscle building exercise combines to give you better results. The Roxylean also claims to be an appetite suppressor. The product also advertises its claim of non stop energy availability throughout the day to keep you focused and energetic throughout the day. Let us find out more about its ingredients.

Overview of Using BPI Sports RoxyLean
The Pros:
  • The proprietary blend used seems to be effective going by the user reviews.
  • The cost of the product is comparatively cheaper.
The Cons:
  • The Proprietary blend could be a cause for concern.
  • The high caffeine dosage per serving might not be suitable for all.

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