The general notion that people carry with the sunscreen is that it is to be worn in the scorching heat and get relaxed with its use in winters. During the height of summer, you feel like roasted if you go out in direct sun and feel relieved suddenly when you step under the shade of a sun. So the sun acts directly is the general thinking. But is this really true?

No is the answer. Most people ease up with the use of sunscreen in winters and sun feels weaker and less likely to burn. But that’s a big mistake. In the winters, only the UVB rays are weakened by the clouds and UVA rays are very much present around the year. So, the next question is what is the difference between the UVA and UVB rays? Let us understand here quickly.

UVA Rays – Also known as Ultra Violet A rays or the long wave rays. 95 per cent of the rays that reach the earth is made up of UVA rays. They are capable of penetrating the skin much deeper than the UVB rays. They are the rays that are responsible for dark spots, tanning of the skin, wrinkles and even skin cancer. And the worst is these rays can easily penetrate the clouds and even the glass.

UVB Rays – Also known as Ultra Violet B rays or the shortwave rays. These rays do not penetrate the skin deeply. They cause redness and even sunburns on the skin. They are most intense during the early spring season to the early fall season and are found during the sunniest hours of the day. The UVB rays cannot penetrate the glass and dwindle in the winter. However, they are capable of reaching the earth’s surface even then and reflect off the snow and the ice. This causes even a bigger threat on the ski slopes and higher altitudes on the sunny days.

This means that those skin ageing rays are present around the year and even on the cloudiest and coldest days when the sun is not seen at all, even indoor and even in the shades. The UVA rays are omnipresent. Though in smaller amounts.

This gives us an automatic answer to our question – Should we wear sunscreen lotion to work best
even In Winters?

Yes, even in winter everyone is recommended to wear the sunscreen daily to prevent the damage caused to the skin due to the sun exposure such as dark spots, wrinkles, tanning and even dark spots.
Besides, it is also necessary that your sunscreen belongs to a broad spectrum and fully covering the UVA exposure. Because simple tanning lotions limit protection against only UVB exposure. The best sunscreens are the one that has Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide which physically block the sun rays from penetrating the skin.

How is this going to benefit you?

Think of an example here. Suppose you are of 30 years now. After 30 years do you wish to look like 50 or 70 is the choice that you need to make? Yes, it means in a long run you will look younger if you wear the sunscreen daily. And the simplest way of doing that is using an SPF packed moisturizer.

List of 3 best sunscreen lotions available in the market.

Ursa major force field daily defence lotion – This lotion comes with SPF 18. It is an all natural without chemicals sunscreen lotion of the broad spectrum, which is absorbed really fast and is packed with 10% zinc oxide. Don’t go by the price. Though very cheap its best of the best.

Clinique Broad Spectrum SPF 21 Moisturizer – This a lightweight, fast absorbing, skin soothing, broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion. It is also a good option for an overall sunscreen for a couple of hours
in the sun.
COOLA suncare classic sports Sunscreen moisturizer – This is an unscented sunscreen with comes with an SPF 50 protection. This is a nutrient rich, fast absorbing and broad spectrum lotion. This is densest of the lot but at the same time most sun screeniest. It is a very good option while going on skin slopes and beach days. The best option for the paler guys who need the SPF protection the most.